Penis Jelqing – A Critical Exploration in this Penis Exercise

Penis jelqing refers to a penis enlargement exercise massage technique meant explicitly for the penis. It is perceived to increase the size of an erect penis. The technique comes from ancient middle-east, but it has slowly been adopted into the modern world. It entails massaging a penis to improve blood flow and stretch its muscles. Jelqing is very popular among men since it involves no medications, but the question many will ask is, does it work?

Nobody has ever proven that jelqing does increase the size of an erected penis. To make it worse, doctors have never recommended it as a way of improving erections. But this does not mean you can’t try it, as long as you do it the right way and safely.

How to jelq the right way
• First, apply some lubrication oils to your penis. For example, you can use Vaseline, or a lotion, anything that feels comfortable on you. Without lubrication, you will feel discomfort
• Stroke your penis to erection, about 75% of the normal erect size. Ensure it’s not fully erect. Reason being that when it’s fully erect, you won’t be able to push blood through it. Don’t jelq if you achieve a full erection
• Grip your penis the “right” way. Hold your penis with an “okay” grip. That is a comfortable grip that will allow stroke back and forth, lol!
• Begin your grip at the bottom of your penis. Slowly move up the penis, with light pressure. And it should not cause you any pain
• Before reaching the tip, release the grip. It will complete one full “jelq.”
• Repeat some few jelqs 2 to 3 seconds apart

If you fail to get the results you anticipated, try different grips. It is not a must to the “right” or “okay” grip. You can try holding your penis using “your own” grip. Spice it up for your good. But make sure you use your index finger is on the top side of your penis, and the thumb is on the underside. Just be careful not to put too much pressure and strain on your penis.
Instead of using your hands, you can opt to use devices such as penis pumps to jelq your penis. Just make sure you acquire genuine devices and machines because your genitals are sensitive parts of your body.

Other natural alternatives to jelqing
Other options may, I stress may improve the size of your erection, such as:
a. Herbal supplements
It is perceived that herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins can increase the size of your penis, although this has not been scientifically backed. Sometimes they can be harmful to you.
b. Male enhancement products
They are believed to increase the size of a penis. Although its a fallacy that has not been scientifically proven. These products are marketed mostly on online platforms. Trying them out may be a risky affair. Scientists have been able to single out some of the products fully packed with harmful metals such as lead and traces of pesticides and E coils.
c. Diet and lifestyle
They may be the best option. Being overweight and not practicing regularly, can affect blood movement in your body especially your penis, which may affect your erection. Work on your diet by eating healthy, well-balanced meals. Make sure you exercise regularly to cut weight and improve blood flow in your body, and penis.

Source: PhalloGauge Medical

Jelqing is itself a pretty idea of trying to increase blood flow into the penis, but if not done the right way, it may harm you. Make sure you try it out with utmost care. Still, I would recommend you to try diet and lifestyle method, at least, it has been scientifically proven to improve erections slightly.