Penis Health and Your Male Experience

The penis is an important part of a man’s body, especially when at a productive age. It’s made of the shaft, glans, meatus (opening to
the penis), testes, scrotum, and epididymis. It is part of the male productive organs and is connected to the other parts. A penis is fully functional even at birth. Actually even in the womb, the penis of a fetus is working, some ultrasound scans will show an erect fetus’ penis.
At a fully active age, penis health is very important. Penis health can affect the person socially through lowering self-confidence, it can bring about depression or even lead to broken relationships. Your penis problems could also be caused by other health factors. The best practice is to make sure basic things are done to the penis. These will include:
1.Cleaning your penis. This organ will naturally have its smell, however, if not washed properly on a day to day basis the smell builds up to a sharp one. You will not be confident while getting touchy with your partner.
2.Ability to maintain an erection. Blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking will bring a challenge to your sex life. Impotence comes up when vessels that pump blood to maintain erection narrow. By maintaining a healthy weight and quitting to smoke you will have saved yourself this problem.

3.Always use protection. Condoms are one of the things given for free. In all sexual health clinics and GPs, you will find free condoms. They will protect you from getting STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia as well as HIV if worn well. Always get tested for STDs if you have funny symptoms in your genitals.
You might be having a penis problem when you notice these behaviors (this will call for a visit to your doctor):

·Going soft while having sex

·Red and swollen penis tip

·Insensitive penis. It does not feel as it felt before.

·Being unable to orgasm or production of less ejaculation

·If you notice blood stains in your urine or ejaculation

·Discharge from penis

·Severe pain on the penis

·Curved penis affecting your sexual activity or causing pain

·Warts in your penis. A rash should also worry you.

·A burn when urinating

·Reduced sexual desire
These among other unusual things on your male member are caused by various things which can be treated. Some of the issues can, however, be avoided. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is available but can be prevented by avoiding sex or using protective measures like wearing a condom.
Foods that will boost your penis health

The best thing here is to eat healthy so that the body can pick what is good for everybody part. Your penis is not having a problem so don’t give it too much attention. These foods will help with T-levels and erectile dysfunction.

1.Eat spinach often, it will help boost your testosterone levels. It contains folate, which boosts blood flow. Its deficiency in a man’s body causes impotence. Spinach also has magnesium, which boosts testosterone levels.

2.Coffee, taking a cup of coffee every day will boost your sexual drive. The caffeine in it will improve blood flow. It relaxes muscles and penile arteries for stronger erections.

3.Avocado, the avocado tree is also named the “testicle tree.” An avocado has in it essential fats, vitamins and potassium and these will definitely get you in the mood.

4.Chili pepper, men who take spicy food have a higher testosterone level. Chili has chemical components that will multiply your libido.

5.Carrots will keep your sperms in good health. They will increase sperm count and improve sperm mobility.